5th PPM Regional Business Case Competition

Earlier this month, I & my team have made it to the final at PPM RBCC. PPM RBCC (Regional Business Case Competition), as the name implies, is a regional business case competition with participants coming from South East Asia nations and China. The competition is an annual event held by PPM School of Business targeting MBAs and other management studies postgraduates. This year’s case was “BCA’s Employer Branding: The Challenge Ahead”, which attracted participants from 73 teams (54 local teams and 19 teams from other countries; 26 participating universities.)


The competition started with all the 73 teams participating submitting a paper containing the problem analysis, supporting data, proposed solutions and the reasoning, as well as the detailed plan to execute those solutions. The papers than be judged by a panel to shortlist 12 finalists to participate in final competition. Our team made it to get shortlisted and participate in the final presentation and debate session.

The case discusses the challenge BCA is facing, that is fierce competition in acquiring top talents. BCA have to compete for top talents with many other companies from more attractive industries such as FMCG and oil & gas; not to mention the emerging start-up euphoria in recent years. The succession and regeneration of BCA’s workforce become more urge with the fact that BCA’s current workforce is aging. As of 2013, nearly 50% of BCA employees are aged 45 years old or more, compared to only 17% of Bank Mandiri. The finalists are asked how the current BCA’s employer branding strategy could be managed to improve this condition.

BBCA & BMRI Workforce Profile

BBCA & BMRI Workforce Profile

All finalists presented innovative ideas with very structured and detailed plans. Increasing compensation & benefits is not much discussed, because basically BCA has already done a great job on that. Most of the finalists discussed how to improve the way BCA communicate its values, culture, and benefits it offers to the public; and what employer branding strategy is best to deliver those messages. Other ideas includes providing more challenges the millennials are looking for and improving learning culture within BCA itself.

In the end of the day, the judges announced a team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) as the first winner; with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th winners are teams from University of Phillipines Baguio, Fudan University – China, and PPM School of Management respectively.

All in all, though our team not winning any prize, it’s such a great honor to be able to meet and compete with all the awesome finalists. Our team’s gratitude goes to Binus Business School faculties and staff for such an enormous support given.


FEUI Master Journey in Management Case Competition

On April 17th, I and two fellow MM students successfully ranked fifth in the 7th Master Journey in Management (MJM), a nation-wide case study competition held by Management Research Center (MRC.), a unit of Economics Faculty at UI (University of Indonesia.) Basically there are three competitions in the event, namely BJM and MJM, case study competition for bachelor and master program students respectively; and the DJM, dissertation competition for the doctorate program students.

Particularly for the MJM, over one hundred teams from various postgraduate programs in Indonesia registered for the event, but only 18 teams made it to the final. The eighteen teams then were divided into two groups, with nine teams discussing PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara) case study, and the other nine teams discussing the case involving RNI (Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia).

Luckily, our team was among the 18 teams to get into the final round and was given the PGN case. In the final round, we presented our paper to a panel of seven judges comprising practitioners, academicians and representatives from PGN. The final was held in the auditorium of FE UI, in Depok.

Presenting the prioritization & planning of area expansion

Presenting the prioritization & planning of area expansion

Our team explained what PGN should have done in managing ‘Gas Kota’ or the City Gas program. We’ve analyzed and assessed the feasibility of the City Gas program, and developed a comprehensive strategy to grow and sustain both the supply-side and demand-side of the city gas program. We also elaborated a marketing campaign strategy with main tagline of “Murah, Mudah, Aman” (Affordable, Easy to use, Safe.) The Q&A session was also challenging yet interesting.

All finalists of MJM 2014, PGN Case

All finalists of MJM 2014, PGN Case

In addition, our juniors from Binus International’s bachelor program also won third place in the BJM, discussing the case study of central bank’s role in Indonesia.

Last but not least, this achievement couldn’t be happen without the full support of Binus Business School faculties & staff (special thanks to Mrs. Pantry Heryaty for the coaching.)